Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pageant Part II

Frank writes...

My father covered the basics of the 2015 Trolley Pageant below, but I'll add what I can.  I arrived at about 8:15am and helped move the 308-309 out to the west end of the railroad at Schmidt Siding, after which we brought the 36-319 into the station.  I was at loose ends prior to my scheduled run with the 308-309 (the "grey roof train," not to be confused with the "black roof train") but managed to get some photos around the depot.

Above, an eastbound North Western freight charges past a couple of steel cars just arrived from Forest Park and a pair of woods preparing to head inbound.  Or something.
That's one happy motorman at the throttle of the 36!
I decided to go for a ride on a trolley bus and had two from which to choose, both from Seattle.  I rode on the 633, a 1940 Twin Coach which I had not even seen operate before at IRM.  A rather modern articulated trolley bus was also running (on the right in the above photo) and it was neat to see the recently "double-tracked" trolley bus line being put to good use.
My trip on the 308-309 went flawlessly; for my money there's no better-looking interurban train anywhere!

Upon our return we buried the two cars on track 84 behind the 36 and 319.  Job #1 in the coming weeks will be building a replacement grid box for the 36.  But in the meantime, I went on two trips on the caboose train, which was something I had never done before.  Above, Zach Ehlers, one of our younger volunteers, works as "trolley hop" on the D13 as the 1630 starts to pull out of the station.
And then after that I headed over to 50th Avenue, where I had been recruited to be the conductor on a late afternoon trip aboard the 4412 and 4290 with Bob Opal as motorman.  We boarded at 50th, pulled into the station, boarded more passengers and headed out.  There were a few volunteers from other museums aboard and they seemed to enjoy the trip.
And that was about it for the day.  The weather was great, the crowds were strong, and everyone seemed to have a good time.  What more could you ask?


Joel Ahrendt said...

Just so you know, both trolley busses logged about 150 trips each.

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for letting me tour the cars and sharing all the historical info with me. Also, thanks to you and your Dad for letting me ride along on the way back to barn 8.
The whole event was well run and everyone I saw seemed to be having a good time.

Cliff McKay