Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tail Light

Rule 57.  The following signals will be displayed, one on each side of the rear of every train, as markers, to indicate the rear of the train: By day, two red flags; by night, at least two red lights.

In practice, besides the two red markers, a tail light like this would be hung on the train door of the rear car.  The paint on this one was in very bad shape; I was able to get much of the box down to nearly bare metal with a shop vac.

The "CA&E Ry" label dates to 1946 or later.

 And with a couple hours of work, it looks good as new.  This one is missing its oil lamp mechanism, however; I'm hoping we have a working spare or two.  Otherwise I can use one from a hand lantern.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your attention to details like this on operating cars. It adds a lot to the historical experience riding in the car. Great job all around and thank you!

John Csoka
Missoula, MT

Anonymous said...

C&ME/CNS&M also used these taillights, though from pictures they appear to have been done away with fairly early. One or two were later electrified and used as taillights for equipment drags between Harrison Street yard and the Milwaukee terminal.

Scott Greig