Friday, July 17, 2015

Moving ERHS to Union

A long-time member and friend, Gregg Wolfersheim, recently loaned us a nice set of pictures of the heroic movement of the ERHS collection from the Downers Grove area to Union in 1973.   The history of the Electric Railway Historical Society has already been covered here.

Gregg's pictures are carefully numbered and annotated, so we'll just present them in chronological order with his captions, some of which include details on the trucks used for the move.  Enjoy!

These images are copyrighted by the photographer and may not be reproduced without permission.

1st car loaded      4391
Red Top Trucking     Hammond, IN
Hendrickson H4   #103

Bill McGregor 


 4391     Note: Destination
John Woytash

 From 75th St. looking south

 2846 westbound Rt. 38
John Woytash leading in his yellow Maverick


84 at IRM
Towed by Allen's

1374 in the barn.  Nick Kallas, Bill McGregor and Dave Shore (clowning around),  unknown
Note the 'Flying Streetcar' in background suspended from trusses.

1374 getting winched out.  Dennis Storzek and Dave Shore watching. 
Bill McGregor at the right.


1374 starting up the ramp

Dennis, Dave & Bill

1374 almost on the trailer

Storzek chocking wheel to stop the car

Dennis, Bill & Dave balance the load.
Behind Dennis is Nick's '65 Chevy pick-up truck.

1374   Ready to go

  Parked by road and ready to go for the next morning.

 141 coming up the ramp.
L to R: John Hurckes, Dennis Storzek, Dave Shore & Bill McGregor

141     Red Top 118 (replaced 103)
Nick Kallas, Dennis Storzek, Dave Shore, Bill McGregor


The International "Farmall" A in foreground was acquired by IRM too.  Rebuilt to running condition by Gregg Wolfersheim.  It was later traded to Phil Hehn for a different tractor.

Dave Shore leads in his VW, with Dennis Storzek in his Chevrolet and Nick Kallas following.

Nick's VW following Storzek with a red flag on his bumper.

2843    Rt. 38 & Winfield Rd.
Storzek still trailing, but now followed by Jim Johnson in his GMC pick-up.

Red Top 103 is back!

L to R: Dave Shore (his Volkswagen) Nick Kallas, Dennis Mueller, Bill McGregor


Anonymous said...

How many days did all these moves take? It must have been one of the biggest undertakings of IRM, after the move from North Chicago. It would be good to finish the bowling alley. Is there a barn with strong enough trusses to hang it again?

Randall Hicks said...

Dennis would know for sure, but I believe the move took a couple of weeks. And I think the work was done mostly by Dennis, Dave Shore, Bill, and Nick. As for IRM's biggest undertaking, the acquisition of most of the East Troy collection involved moving a greater number of cars, and Trolleyville was only slightly smaller, and farther away.

IRM used to organize off-site projects with large numbers of volunteers, something that seldom happens any more. We usually hire contractors instead. Back in the seventies, we organized groups to take up the track from a power plant in South Chicago, then the one in Dixon, and I'm sure there were others I missed. And there was moving the 50th Avenue station, that was a big group project. Those were the days.