Tuesday, April 19, 2016

36 Report

Work continues on Barn 9.   As you can see, they are almost to the north end of the east wall.  Nearly all of the posts are getting new bases installed in this area.  It would be interesting to watch them work, but I had a job of my own to do.

Painting in the 36 is going along well.  This is the headlight control switch, mounted to the ceiling.  Since I couldn't get the handle off, I couldn't remove the casting, so it will all have to be repainted in place.  But that's OK.  In this case, it appears the yellow letters are in exactly the same place as the later black letters, but a different style.

Several more parts got painted blue, such as the hand brake lever, the motorman's valve, and the rest of the ceiling.  

The control switch will be painted black.

And I finally remembered to paint the replacement spring latch for this window in the main compartment.

And I started working on some parts of the #2 vestibule again.

As May gets closer, I'm starting to look forward to inspections.   Aren't you?

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Joel Ahrendt said...

I'm trying to find you some help to inspect during the week. I'll let you know. This is a good time to mention to volunteers out there that the car department inspects over 20 pieces each year. All of this needs volunteers to help inspect. IRM is always looking for more volunteers.