Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vestibule Painting

Maybe I should have taken some weather pictures today.  We had a little of everything: snow, sleet, rain, more snow, lots of wind, thunder and lightning, lots of cold, some sunshine -- what more could anyone want?  So mostly I was nice and safe in Barn 8.

To begin, the new sign brackets were installed in the 319.  They had been painted at home.  I need to decide how we're going to handle the signs for revenue service so they don't disappear when my back is turned.

Most of the time was spent sanding and scraping in the vestibule again.   This piece of molding in the ceiling had split and was badly bent.  That's because it supports the plywood ceiling behind it, which in turn supports the heavy headlight switch casting.  I removed the molding and took it home to be reproduced.   

And the plywood was better supported with some screws holding it up to the ceiling braces, instead of just finishing nails, which tend to pull through the plywood.

 And then first primer on several more parts of the ceiling.

While the primer is drying, let's see what's happening in the shop, and pick up the blue paint stored in one of the paint lockers.  Tim is painting the recently sandblasted truck frame.

And here are new wooden moldings for the interior that he has made.

And Bill has polished up the nice brass handles for the entry doors.

The freight car guys later helped finish painting the truck frame.

After a few more hours of painting, we have a first finish coat on much of the motorman's side of the vestibule.  I must say that this flash photography shows the paint to be less even in coverage than it appears when the only source of illumination is a couple of droplights.  A second coat will be needed.

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