Friday, April 1, 2016

Window Signs Revisited

After looking through the Johnson Collection pictures again, I'm thinking that for the blue paint scheme the window signs should (or at least could) be blue with white lettering, rather than the more familiar white with black lettering.  Anybody have any insight on this?

Here are two good examples, both B&W, of course:


Frank Hicks said...

The blue-era window signs are definitely light-on-dark but I wonder whether white-on-black might have been just as likely as white-on-blue. I'd love to see a decent color photo to prove it either way.

I wonder what that flag (?) sticker in the first side window of the 303 is? And note that the 303 and 318 still have their flag brackets mounted high while car 54 had had them lowered by the time it was painted blue sans dash signs.

Jeron G. said...

The sign background color in both photos is definitely darker than the blue on the rest of the car. Especially in the second photo. I definitely agree it was probably white lettering on black.