Friday, April 8, 2016

Doodlebug Update

Gregg Wolfersheim reports:

More progress on the UP doodlebug. Here is a shot of the lower wall in the Men's room. It has been cleaned up, primed and painted.

Another view. Notice the hot water heat pipes near the floor. Above, the smaller line is the supply for the toilet and sink.

This is the insulation that is against the wall. It's about three quarters of an inch thick. It's made of horse hair! This was a common material used in the old days.
The insulation in place. Next will go a panel to cover it. Quarter inch thick veneer was used in the car, but this particular spot the UP used a piece of plywood.

Now the panel is in place with quarter round strips that hold that. They are the white pieces in primer. In most of my pictures, you can see the adjoining walls. The paint is all cracked and peeling. Work is in progress to remove it in the near future.

Yesterday I painted this area. The unusual valve at the top is some sort of control for the toilet supply line. The window for this spot has been stripped and primed. Soon it will get painted and then put back into the opening.

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