Saturday, April 23, 2016

Safety First

Today was the annual rules test, safety meeting, and membership meeting, so most of our time was occupied with things other than restoration.  But these are, of course, more important.  Frank and I haven't had many opportunities to work together recently, so that was an unintended benefit.  In the morning was the rules test, which we both passed, of course.  

During the lunch break we were able to install the final rebuilt grid box on the 36.  We weren't able to get any pictures of this, but it's not very picturesque anyway.  Then we worked on the vestibule a little; Frank did some painting as seen here.

And I worked on revealing the earlier yellow-on-blue lettering in the other vestibule.

In the afternoon was the Safety Meeting.  Superintendent Harold Krewer was in charge, of course, and did his usual excellent job of emphasizing the need for safety in great detail, and explained the changes in the new handout of changes to the rules and timetable.

After that, we looked a little at what other projects were being worked on.   Tim showed us the beautifully completed floor, which I don't think had been photographed:

And then the newly-installed pocket doors at the end of the car; due to the unavoidable backlighting, this picture is really poor, I must admit.

And Norm and Jeff continue working on the Michigan car.

Hey, don't try to fool me.  I can see right through you.

Coming Attractions!
  • Frank and I had a chance to see the inside of our Cleveland center-entrance streetcar, which will be a major project once it gets inside.  This is quite interesting, and worthy of its own post.  I should have it up later tonight.
  • Frank will also report in a separate post on the results of the Annual Meeting, probably tomorrow.   This may not be quite as exciting (or revolting) as Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders, but it's the best we can do.   (For some reason they wouldn't pay my way to either of the national conventions.  Cheapskates!)
  • And I have borrowed a collection of slides from my old friend Bob Heinlein of scenes along the CA&E that haven't been seen before.  I need to scan these in, and then post them in a day or two.   So don't touch that dial!

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