Thursday, June 23, 2016

309 Inspection

Today worked out well for inspecting the 309.   Joel switched it over to the pit earlier in the week, and today I was able to do nearly all of the inspection tasks.  Rod had a chance to examine the bearings on the #1 truck, and believes there should be no problem with a few days of operation per season.  We will certainly keep a close eye on the situation.

As we've said before, inspection is not only essential for safe operation, but very educational.

One of the trucks over the pit.

Looking up at the commutator through the lower access plate.  This is one of the two motors we had rebuilt by Steiner back in 2002, and they're both in very good condition.

 Looking down at the commutator with the motor cover removed.  The upper brush holder is clearly visible.

 Looking up at the armature on the gear side, through the smaller access plate.   There's not a lot to see on this side, but it helps for checking pole piece clearance.

For sequencing the control system, we need to open the contactor boxes and then all of the doors to the arc chutes on these DB-15 contactors.  John McKelvey happened to wander by at the wrong time and was talked into running the controller for this process.

Most of the rest of the inspection isn't very photogenic.  Be that as it may, lubrication still needs to be done, and then we'll be ready for CA&E Day on July 3rd, with a bigger and better abandonment re-enactment than ever before.   Don't miss it!

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Anonymous said...

I guess with the motors cut out, there was no conductor on this car.