Monday, June 20, 2016

Body Snatchers at Lake Shafer

This deserves a post of its own.   In September of 1996 we went down to Lake Shafer, Indiana to prepare three interurban carbodies for transport to IRM.   These pictures were all taken by Bill Wulfert, and the usual warnings apply.   At this point the walls of the basements and various additions had been removed, but it's easy to see where they were.  I've tried to identify the cars correctly.

Other people helping with this project included Jim Johnson, Dave Diamond, Jim McAlpin, Tim Peters, Brian Harp, and me.  Maybe others, I don't remember.  See this earlier post for a picture of us.

THI&E 50 (Clinton)

THI&E 53 (102)
Scrapped 2015

THI&E 58

Interior views of car 53:

THI&E 36
Scrapped on-site in 1996

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Anonymous said...

I believe that you listed all of the people that helped on this project. I also took the group shot in your earlier post, and therefore I'm not in that picture. Bill Wulfert