Friday, June 17, 2016

Doodlebug Report

Gregg Wolfersheim has been helping us out as needed with inspections and mechanical work, but also finds time to keep the pot boiling on the M-35 doodlebug.   He reports:

A few more items from the M-35 project. This is the front window near the air compressor. We have been trying to locate the frames, and remember how they were applied. After 38 years, the memories are a little fuzzy. I then found a frame which I thought went to the trainline door. It was in primer, but as you can see, it fits the lower opening. The upper is still missing. It slides up and down.

Some more roof progress on UP doodlebug M-35. Here we see the very front carline on the right side that has been reworked. Also the strip at the right of the picture was created, since the original was gone. It simply holds the roof boards and ends the carlines. Notice the radiators are next to it.

Here is the left side carline. Some epoxy was used to fill in where some wood was missing. Also, the end piece had to be created as the original was gone. That is the white piece in primer. It overlaps the curved part.

The whole assembly has been installed on the left side of the car. Next will be making the full length carlines, and putting them on the car. That should be a lengthy process!

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