Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More Slides from Bill Wulfert

Arlington Heights Station Canopy

One of the nice features on the Museum campus is the canopy over the Depot St. carline stop.  This canopy came from the C&NW station at Arlington Heights, and here it is being removed for preservation, in June 1978.

The doomed station as it was when work started.

The roof of the canopy is detached and lifted by a large bulldozer.

And lowered gently to the ground.

Note that only one end of the canopy is original; the other was fabricated by B&G.

The rest of the building was then razed.

Scrapping a Broad St. Car

Back in 1985 IRM acquired two Broad Street subway cars from Philadelphia, one (#55) for preservation and the other (#126) to be scrapped for parts.  Here are some photos from the scrapping of the 126 in 1988.  

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