Saturday, July 30, 2016

Car 24 on the Move

Tim sent me some pictures of the 24 on its way over to the pit track for the truck swap.

We're all hoping it will be in operation soon!


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful restoration
C Kronenwetter

Anonymous said...

24 looks incredible!

What is the back story on 24's power truck? Did it have only one, and is the new one a match for the original truck?

Anonymous said...

Car 24 always had only one power truck. Later cars like 24 did have two 2-motor trucks for a short time, until the cars were converted to Multiple Unit control. As a rule, most rapid transit cars had only two motors, and usually both in one truck. Recap: Motor problems in 1958. Motors traded back to CTA for another set of motors that didn't fit in the truck.

We have reused 1024's original motor truck frame. The axles and motor shells came from the Museum of Transport in St. Louis. The motor "insides" were from IRM, and the motors were overhauled by a motor shop. Various General Electric 55 type motors were designed for different sized axles. That is why we used the St. Louis axles and motor cases which were originally together.

We still need to raise funds to finish the project. Help if you can. Thanks.
Bill Wulfert