Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trolleyville in 1984 - Wulfert Collection

In late 1984, the management at Trolleyville decided to dispose of two of the four Fox River cars that founder Gerry Brookins had acquired back about 1954 to start the collection.  The 302 was the worst of the lot and was scrapped, and the 306 was sold to IRM.   The other two, 303 and 304, were in better condition and remained a part of the collection until the end; they eventually went to NORM and Fox River.

On November 24, 1984, Bill Wulfert was there to take several pictures of the 306, as well as some of the other cars.

Fox River Electric 302, prior to scrapping.

Washington DC PCC #1304 - now at Seashore.
(This car was acquired by GE in 1962 for testing as the automated car "Tomorrow".  It has since been restored to its original condition and is operational.)

Met car motor truck with WH 114 motors.
(Trolleyville acquired two Met car trucks, intended for the parlor car Toledo.  They were never used for this purpose, and IRM later gave them some CTA 4000 trucks to put under the Toledo in exchange for these trucks and the Westinghouse motors needed for one of our Met cars.)

 Fox River Electric 306

Unidentified wheels in the weeds.

 CA&E 460 and 409

409 interior


Anonymous said...

I believe one truck of the AEFRE 302 is at IRM, and the other stayed at Trolleyville... but now is ???

C said...

FRTM has a truck.