Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Removing Cars from East Troy

Another installment in our series of slides from Bill Wulfert.  Usual warnings apply.

In 1989 IRM was able to acquire several cars that had belonged to the TWERHS group, and had to remove them from the East Troy property.  It's a long story.  The train consisted of three North Shore cars, a South Shore car, and about ten reefers used for parts storage.  Anyway, Bill was there to take pictures of the "hospital train" that brought the equipment to IRM.  Thanks, Bill!

NSL 250, 757, 763  at Mukwonago   2-25-1989

 Wisconsin Central (ex-Soo Line) 718 -- GP30 used to pull the train to Leithton

At Mukwonago interchange 

North Shore 250 stopping for STP top-off at first inspection stop on Wisconsin Central 

 Burlington, Wisc.?

North Shore 763, 757, 250 in train to IRM 

Rear of IRM hospital train from Mukwonago -- South Shore 28 


SSL 28 enroute to IRM from Mukwonago 

763 at IRM shortly after arrival from East Troy 

250 shortly after arrival

 250 baggage compartment

Another recent arrival 

757 operating at IRM 

The 250 was already in very bad shape and was eventually scrapped.  The following prints are all dated March 11, 1995:

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Anonymous said...

I know the 250 contributed to the ever-important parts pile, but still it would have been nice to see the body preserved at the Kenosha or Skokie North Shore Depot. Perhaps this can happen yet with one of the derelict cars in Ohio or Connecticut.