Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wolfersheim's Windows While You Wait

Gregg Wolfersheim has sent us another illustrated report of progress on the UP doodlebug:

Last month I stopped to see an old retired friend from the railroad I work for. He does woodwork for a hobby. With a little charm, I talked him into making a replacement window for the UP doodlebug. We found a piece of cedar that would work, and the next day he had it all done. Thanks, Chuck! Here is a comparison picture of the rotted original, and the new one lying on the shop floor.

The new window already primed and now getting a coat of Armour Yellow.

The new window installed. This is on the left side of the car, above the air compressor.

At the same time, the front window was redone and installed. This is a lower sash on the front of the car. An upper sash can be dropped down for better ventilation. Unfortunately, it is missing. So, I'm hoping that Chuck can make another sash for me.

 Here is an outside view of the lower sash, with the new left side window in the background.


Anonymous said...

Does the museum try to use Part 223 glazing or some such equivalent when restoring equipment like the Doodlebug? It just seems like an impact-resistant glass would be important even in a museum operation.

Joe S. said...

Generally this is only done on equipment which already had it (like the bi-level cars). Actual FRA glazing is much thicker than regular glass, and would require rebuilding windows on much of our equipment. On some cars (like the North Shore cars) the railroad was already using safety glass on the end windows. It is not as strong as lexan, but is supposed to be somewhat shatter resistant. We have maintained this as broken windows are replaced.