Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Variety Show

Today saw quite a bit of progress on a few different projects.  The weather was not too bad for the middle of summer.  The first thing I worked on was to start painting the patch on the 460's roof with black canvas paint, which I managed to dig out of its hiding place in the 810.

Then I worked some more on the 308's lighting circuits.  The main problem is the side light fixtures; when we acquired the car, the light sockets were missing, and the available sockets from hardware stores are usable but not perfect.  They tend to rotate when the bulbs are inserted.

This fixture was loose, so Rod soldered it back together for me.

And then we started on fixing up the drip rail for the 460.  Rod's expertise at soldering copper pieces of this size was essential for getting it fixed.

After quite a bit of work, we got it into shape so that it fits the roof very well.  After painting, it will look just as good as new.  

Rod was also helping Tim fix up the motor truck; the main journal bearings needed some adjustments before they would fit properly, but that appears to be finished.  Tim wanted to move the truck over the pit, and we decided the easiest way would be to run it under its own power.  The usual car movers don't work very well with outside-hung brakes.

 I helped by wiring up the motor to a welder, and I got to run the truck for about ten feet.   We believe that this is the first time any part of the (10)24 has run under its own power at IRM.  I hope you're impressed.

Tim then started attaching the gear pans, as seen here.

Another project in our continual property improvement is installation of concrete foundations for the framing of the big "Santa Fe" sign that we mentioned a couple of months ago.

Dave was checking levels for pouring concrete...

once all the water in the holes can be pumped out.

By the end of the day, I had one of the two defective circuits repaired, and working with the newly-fixed light fixture.  The other one just needs an improved ground connection at the #1 end.

And the patches on the 460 were painted with a couple of coats of canvas paint.  I found there was another small hole in the roof at this end, so this has been patched also.

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