Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday Report

Friday was another calm before the storm.  The next two days will be crowded, happily enough!

But I had a couple of things to do, and the weather was perfect.  Step One was to bring out another repainted window for the 18, even though it probably won't be running again until spring.  I finally managed to remove the last of the replacement windows from CA&E 318.  You may notice that it's too high, and also slightly too narrow.  So that's not good.



Also, Tim cut out a new piece of glass for the next 18 window, so I took it home.  Thanks!!!

I must admit, though, that many of the windows will require a lot of work on the inside surfaces, but that can be done over the winter as time permits.

And since it was reasonably warm, I was able to do some more painting on the Jewell Road shelter.  The south side is now completely painted, at least with a first coat, and looks more inviting, at least from the outside.  Come on in and wait for the next local!

So three of the four sides are now painted.  And the fourth one will probably be replaced with new wood.

Not a lot else seemed to be going on.  Phil Hehn and Gregg Wolfersheim were doing switching in the south yards.

These must be parts for the platform on the 1702:

And Tim was working inside the 1808's cocoon, so I didn't bother him.

Finally, another winter project I want to work on is making some new seat backs for the 36.  Most of the backs are original, we believe, and look like this.  They are fairly thick and have some contoured ridges as seen here.

Three of them, however, are evidently replacements.  They're thinner, slightly taller, and completely flat.  So we want to replace them.  

I have a roll of rattan that we acquired for just this purpose.  I'm hoping that some of the seat backs we got from Mid-Continent can be used as a basis for this project, so I picked out one of them that had ripped fabric, and took it home for dissection.  Watch this space for results.

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