Friday, August 16, 2013

36 Report

For two days' worth of work, not a lot got accomplished that was worth taking a picture of.  The main challenge is to get the compressor cradle loose, and this went slowly.
The bracket at the left is now loose, and being held up with two new bolts. At the time the picture to the right was taken, the other one was still frozen, but after a lot of pounding, prying, and torquing it came loose too.  But  these are just the two at the front, which are easy to get to.  There are two more attached to a center sill under the car, and for those we will probably need to use a torch, over the pit. 

I also spent some time attaching new roundels for IRMA to various signs, as seen here.  Much less frustrating.

And then I spent more time on the interior, which is also a more congenial task.  Here we see some of the repainted windows in place.  Eventually the interior will be completely repainted.  Along the edges of the double window post, you should be able to make out the places where the paint has flaked off, outlining the original inlay strips.  That's interesting, but it will need to be covered over.  The window shades are old and fragile, and if they come out of the brackets, they're very hard to get back in, because the brackets are up inside the walls and nearly inaccessible.  So I'm installing screws to keep the window shades from being lowered.  The same thing was done on the 308, and has worked well.

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