Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Piloting the 36 or Wire Away Your Time

Al writes...

 Found the 36's pilot in barn 4, Frank having needle chipped it last Sunday. I took the opportunity to take a wire wheel to it and cleaned off most of the front. There are a few nooks and crannies that could use some attention.  Wasn't able to turn it over but at least this side is ready for primer.

There was the usual level of activity in barn 4 that Bob K will be reporting in the IRM blog.

A few unusual sights around the campus were this rent a rain water storage tank that will supplement our own portable tank (the milk tank car) to support the steam operation this weekend.

Some preparations for the upcoming steam operations and night photo shoot were also visible.
Here's Lehigh Valley Coal 126, but the Leviathan had not yet arrived.

The 3007 was outside of barn 9 as it will be used in one of the night photo sessions.

Meanwhile the 504 was sitting on station 2 with this rather authentic looking train (except for the last car).

There is a story that a group of students were so upset at leaving the Thomas event that they rioted and turned their school bus over. Actually this was a training scenario for local police departments on Tuesday evening.


Anonymous said...

Al and All,
I hope you all have a great weekend, i wish I could be joining you; but time and distance are problems.

Ted Miles
IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

I noticed that wrecked school bus on the way in this morning, and when you first see it, it's shockingly realistic! I made a mental note to take a picture of it later, in better light, but it had mysteriously vanished.

A few years ago they had a similar training exercise in our parking lot. A large tank truck carrying "hazardous material" (aka water) turned over and was spilling the noxious fluid onto the ground. So the responders had some very useful training in dealing with such situations. It's great that we can provide a public service like this.

Come to think of it, that Bob Kutella, he's a suspicious character. Has anybody actually checked what's in all those tank cars of his?

Anonymous said...

I suppose I am obliged to reply to you, Randy. All those tank cars - one is filled with root beer and the milk car of course with milk. We it gets near freezing in a few months we plan to have root beer floats for everyone!

Bob Kutella

Al Reinschmidt said...

But we have 2 milk tank cars, the white one with white milk and the dark one with chocolate?