Friday, August 23, 2013

Labor Day Extravaganza

If you haven't seen it already, follow this link for the latest info on the Museum's 60th Anniversary Extravaganza, over four days.  This is something you won't want to miss!  The South Shore 803 is now officially on the program, as well as the two visiting steam locomotives and the Zephyr.  Lots of other stuff will be operating, including the CA&E woods on Saturday and Monday.  And check out the nighttime photo sessions!  Can I get in on the session if I bring my own train?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to IRM frugality for once again not using up all the vaganza during the year and making the surplus available to the public.

Jeron G. said...

Randy, as far as getting in on the photo session... It would be awesome to see the four car wood train all lit up sitting at the 50th Ave platform for member's weekend!