Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chuck Amstein Photos from Friday

As usual, we have a great selection of photos from our staff photographer, Chuck Amstein, taken on Friday.  And of course, these are copyright by the photographer and may not be reproduced or copied without permission, etc.  Enjoy!

Here is a video of the 803 in operation.

Chuck says: The small steam switcher had mechanical trouble, so this small orange switcher was brought out instead.

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Anonymous said...

We all need to thank Buzz Morisette for the great work done on the UP turbine. He almost singlehandedly took on the mission to repaint and letter it over the course of a few years. It is a standout sitting on the wye for photos. The downside is that some of the trackage at the east end of Yard 5 was 'stretched' during the move to pull this out, and the track crew was out in force to make repairs.

Bob Kutella