Monday, June 2, 2014

319 Report

Today was productive: the rest of the support moldings for the upper tack molding were manufactured and installed, and all except the last got a coat of finish black. 

Upper tack molding strips made earlier were painted with primer.  They will be ready for installation on Wednesday.  I need to buy some more wood to make the rest of them, as well as the curved pieces for the ends.  That will be more interesting.

So by the end of the day it looks like this.  And the usual die-hards were at work as well: Tim was doing woodwork for the 24, John McKelvey was doing upholstery, Max was working on the trolley bus overhead, and there were probably others.  Bakely Bros. continue to chew up the landscape; Museum Drive is now impassable, and one must enter or leave via Gate B, which is roughly along the alignment of the old access road.  Never a dull day at IRM!

Help Wanted:  Of course we always want help, but...  The 308 and 309 will be running this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, and we have experienced motormen and conductors for both days, but we would like to have a third crewman.  You do not need to be rules-qualified for this position, and it's a great way to meet people and help out.  Without getting dirty, I might add.  You can sign up with Jim West, or if you've never done this before, email me.


Anonymous said...

You made reference to the two new Car Barns the other day.

Will they provide any cover for anything that you are interested in?

Such as the C, A & E collection?

Ted Miles
IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

Ted: Sure. Two barns are going to provide a huge amount of indoor storage space. I don't have an official list available, but at a minimum CA&E 321, CSL 4001, Cleveland 1218, and Shaker 63 should be going inside, along with several others. I can hardly wait!

Before construction can begin, some new track needs to be laid, and the grading for that is now in progress. Then Yard 14 needs to be emptied, which should be an interesting accomplishment. As work progresses, you'll read about it here first. I hope.