Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watch Them Multiply

Work on the roof of the 319 continued, as usual.  This side is essentially done, and on Saturday I will want to wye the car around.  And in order to have access to both sides, after some rearrangement, I did some straightening up in the barn.

So let's see what else is going on.  Lots of dramatic changes are being made to the buildings and grounds.

Here grading is well along for laying track on the "Schmidt Cutoff", which will allow longer-wheelbase equipment to access the south yards.

The Schroeder Store is looking better: it has new concrete paving in front, which includes the first curb and drain along Main St.

John McKelvey continues to work on reupholstering seats, mostly for the steam coach collection.  He needs canvas for various purposes when the seats are being completely recovered, and here's an example.  This ugly material is the canvas removed from the roof of the 319 last year.  It may be no good for a roof covering, but as an underlayment for seats, John thinks it's just fine.  You can see the orange stripe where a saddle was located.

Looking at the cushion from the bottom, you will notice that there are small canvas strips holding the springs aligned.  All of these have to be made by hand and attached if an authentic job is to be done.  So I'm naturally happy that our cast-off material can be put to good use.

Other old material is being put to good use, I suppose: the contractors were hard at work all day digging up dirt in one place, loading it into dump trucks, dumping gravel in other places, and who knows what else.  Dave Diamond would have to explain everything that's happening.

New Acquisition

It never fails: we sent two Diesels down to Spencer, and three came back.  The 1689 is a North Western RSD-5, and all it needs is new batteries, they hope.  As long as we have Nick Kallas around, we won't stop dialing for Diesels, it appears.  Remember: you saw it here first!


Anonymous said...

Where did the RSD-5 come from? Looks to be in nice cosmetic condition.

C Kronenwetter
IRM Member

Frank Hicks said...

Is the RSD5 being donated to IRM or is it simply on loan from a private owner?

Al Reinschmidt said...

The Alco will look at home with the combine as well as the St. Louis built bilevels (if in a slightly different paint scheme).

Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

I searched on the net and it looks like CNW 1689 was owned privately and used occasionally on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in Ohio. Then around 2012 it seems to have made its way to Mad River Railroad Museum, also in Ohio. The last photo I found of the locomotive in operation was 2008.

Hope any of this is of some interest.

Nick Gawriluk