Friday, June 6, 2014

Rail Tires

Our friend Walt Stafa found this picture of an earlier automobile equipped with Firestone Rail Tires.  From what I can make out, they appear to have the same sort of flange, and certainly the same diagonal tread pattern.  This is just so much classier than a speeder!


Bruce Duensing said...

What an interesting product buried in obscurity. Makes me want to know it's history.

Bruce Duensing said...


David Wilkins said...

The car in the photo appears to be a 1932 Ford Victoria 2 door sedan, with a Ford flathead V8.

Anonymous said...

Back to the Old Motor for a close up of a Firestone flanged tire at the bottom of the post. Firestone (Bridgestone) still makes air springs for the rail market.

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