Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Traverse City, Mich.  c. 1954    Toot toot!


Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

Happy fathers day to all of the guys who make up the Hicks Car Group as well as the guys who make IRM what it is. And, if I may, Id like to say Happy Fathers Day to some great men who are no longer with us, but without them, this little enjoyment of ours wouldn't be as special. Thanks guys.

Nick Gawriluk

Anonymous said...

you are a special person to create a museum volunteer & rail fan. Although I don't think Frank is spending as much time as he used to or wants to at the Illinois Railway Museum

How about it Frank will there be rail fan grand children?

Thanks for all that you all do.

Ted Miles
IRM Member