Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ready for Higher Tacks

Work on recanvassing the 319's roof is progressing well.  After a couple of days' worth of work, all of the upper tack molding has been made, and nearly all of it has been installed, as seen here.  I could have finished the job today if the paint dried faster.  The next step will be to either turn the car around or move it to a place where both sides can be accessed, and then the lower canvas can be installed on the other side.

But it's too nice out to stay inside all day, so let's see what's happening in the great outdoors.

Max has strung the trolley wire for the double trolley-bus section.  Here we're looking east on Central from Depot.  The new wire is on the left, and it's still supported by pulleys.  At the end of the new wire, it will rejoin the old wire with a new switch.  Everything west of here will be double-track, so to speak.

(L) The curve from Central onto Railroad Ave.   (R) The turning loop by the entrance.  The old wye has been partly removed. 

Max's next ambition is to string trolley bus overhead along the entire Riverview route, so that trolley buses can provide all of the service currently supplied by streetcars.  Complete bustitution is planned for 2016 at the latest.  We'll be sure to let you know when the "Farewell Streetcars" last run takes place.


Anonymous said...

Any idea when IRM's trolleybus line will be up and running again.

Anonymous said...

I did not think that the museum was up to substituting trolleybuses for the streetcar loop - unusual move

Chris said...

The bustitution sounds like a joke, but if the streetcar loop were ever extended across the creek, I think pulling up the "Riverview Drive" track would make some sense to simplify IRM's spaghetti bowl.