Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Slow Sunday

Frank writes...

I was out at IRM on Sunday but it was a pretty slow day overall.  I was running the 3142 on the streetcar line and the 308 and 309 were in operation on the main line.  There weren't any issues with either so that was pretty uneventful.  The 1630 was also pulling the coach train on the main line; they were running at reduced speed for part of the day because one of the bearings that is being run in was a bit warm, but otherwise it seemed to be a great success.  This was my first time seeing the Decapod in steam in ten years; it was great to see (and hear, and smell!) it again.
 Most of the Car Department regulars were in Chicago riding CTA 2400s (I'm just planning on waiting a few months and riding them at Union!) but the Michigan Electric crew were hard at work on the 28 and another group of volunteers was working on rebuilding an air compressor for one of the 4000s.  A lot of progress is being made on capital projects, notably the Schmidt Cutoff which will permit cars with three-axle trucks to access the south yards.  A large trench is being dug between the steam servicing area and South Junction just north of the existing turntable leads.

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