Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chicago Day

Chicago Day at IRM commemorates the end of streetcar service in the city on June 21, 1958.  I don't know how many people actually remember Chicago streetcar operation, but we'll keep it alive as long as we can.  I was too busy to take many pictures, so you'll just have to imagine the 4391 making its rounds.

The 308 and 309 were running again today.  Bob Opal was the motorman, and Larry Stone the conductor.  The cars performed flawlessly, as usual once in a while.

We had a good crowd of visitors, and everybody seemed to be having a good time.  We got a lot of compliments on the cars, and were able to answer many good questions.  This makes it all worth while.

Woodman, spare that tree!     .... oops, too late.  Tree trimming was in full swing.

And we had several different rapid transit trains running.  The wood cars 1268 and 1797, two singles, and the 2200's, as seen here.  In the afternoon, a storm cell was approaching, so we put the CA&E cars away somewhat early.  But all in all, it was a great day to be out at IRM.

Ed Oslowski was working on IT 277, so I was able to talk to him and take a few pictures.  We're usually not working at the same time.  He's making good progress on the front compartment.

The 277 and 518 are planned to run on Sunday, July 6th, the day after the Trolley Pageant.  There's a practical limit to how many electric trains we can run on one day.  So if you want to ride in comfort on the "Road of Good Service", mark your calendar now!

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