Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Barn Raising

We'll start with some CA&E news, as usual.  I was able to install the rebuilt grid box on the 36 and connect it.  Then, with the help of Jon Fenlaciki, I tried putting power to the motors with the brakes set to check that there was no sparking.  The new box was OK, but Jon noticed some arcing in a box at the other end of the set.  That was rather discouraging, but I determined that the arcing was in the connection between the cable and a tap on the grid box, not the grids.  That's much easier to fix, and after a couple of tries, and borrowing a round file from Pete, the arcing went away.

That made it possible to switch the cars around, and set them up for Labor Day weekend.  We'll be running all three days, and I plan to have the 308-319 on Saturday, and the 36-309 on Sunday and Monday. If it rains or something breaks down, we can change plans easily.

The 36 and 309 should go well together.  We plan to be operating until 9:30 PM on Sunday, so come on out for some night railfanning and photography!

On the other hand, what's wrong with this picture?

 Among other things, Joel found me another control jumper, which I tested, and which we'll need for a four-car train for the convention.  And I did some straightening and cleaning and miscellaneous tasks.

But enough of this trivia.  Now for the news you've all been waiting for:

Barn 13 is under construction (L) and materials are being staged for Barn 14 (R).

 They make rapid progress, like they must have done this before.

Well, it's too tempting to just watch other guys work, when there are important things to be done.  On Saturday I'll be back on Thomas duty, and maybe I can have more pictures of the festivities this time.


Josh Jodlowski said...

Good evening,

I don't know if you can answer this for me, but do you know how late you guys plan on operating on Monday, September 7th? I'm a photography student and I'll be spending most of the day at the museum gathering photos for a project.

Anonymous said...

That must be some jumper that Joel located. MUing the 309 with the highliners behind it must involve some interesting wiring!

Randall Hicks said...

Monday will be regular hours, I believe. Trains will be running until 5, possibly later depending on how many visitors are still around. You can probably make arrangements if you need to stay later.

Josh Jodlowski said...


Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll switch my visit to Sunday. I've never seen the museum at night.

Anonymous said...

it is great to see not one but two car Barn going up at once! And those new brackets will make for a longer lasting structure I should think.

The WW&F Railway Museum is putting up their first car barn this summer using the same system; did the two museums compare notes?

Also is there a summer issue of Rail & Wire out yet?

Ted Miles
IRM Member