Saturday, August 22, 2015

East Union: Summer of 2015

 By now this shouldn't need much explanation: the last half of August is taken up with Thomas.  That means big crowds of happy people, so it's time to take a few pictures of them.

I was the conductor on the 4391 again.  There are many members who work all four days of Thomas each year, and they deserve a great round of applause from the rest of us.

And meanwhile, to the south...

 This makes me happy.  How about you?

Update:   Tony Gura sent in some pictures of the activity on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

From your postings, it appears that two Thomas engines were used this year at IRM - a green and blue one - is that correct?

Brian J. Patterson said...

This year, Thomas's friend Percy came to visit as well. He is the green locomotive that ran on the Main Line with a little help from "Uncle Boris" (Frisco 1630.)

Anonymous said...

The children are lucky to have Fresno 1630 a real steam locomotive to compliment the Thomas the bank engine characters! Many places push them with Diesels.

If anyone wants to know more about Thomas and Friends. They have just opened a Thomas Land Amusement Park at Carver Massachusetts. Aboout $25 million worth of the Island of Sodor.

I have seen the steam powered Thomas from the Strasburg Railroad; when he visited sacramento.

Ted Miles
IRM Member

David Noyes said...

East Union - Summer of 2015

Where is Samuel Barber when we need him?

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, I'm glad somebody noticed the allusion. I've mentioned it before: