Tuesday, August 11, 2015

IRM Video

Chuck Amstein has posted ten minutes of great video of IRM action last Saturday, of the 65 and the trolley bus loop dedication, followed by the CA&E 409-431 and some Diesel action.   Enjoy!


Be sure to reserve now for the Zephyr Dinner Train for Labor Day Weekend.  Highly recommended by our professional reviewers on the staff. 


Anonymous said...

Hicks Gang,

That menu for the Zephyr dinner train looks great. I know the California Zephyr focused on an Italian menu, but was that a CBQ thing system wide? Also, who is in charge of the IRM Culinary Department? They are making me hungry!


Anonymous said...

it is great to see the high back Interurban style seats back in the #65; the interurban that started the museum.

i have ridden the turning loop at Seashore trolley Museum in single end card. I hope that some day a wye or turning loop is added to the IRM track layout for cars like the #65.

Ted Miles
IRM Member