Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dixie Flyer, Departing Track One

What are you doing this Saturday?  If you answered "I'm going out to IRM to ride the only restored Indiana Railroad high-speed car, of course" then you win the prize!  The museum's very first car, Indiana Railroad 65, will be in operation all day on Saturday and YOU are invited to ride along on this unique piece of history.  Not only that, you'll be riding in comfort on the newly-reupholstered seats that were just installed earlier this year.  The 65 doesn't operate very often so don't miss this chance!


Anonymous said...

Randy, was there every any thought given to mounting a second front facing trolley pole on the 65? I realize that it wouldn't be historically accurate but it would certainly make reverse movement of the car much easier once it reached the East end of the mainline. No more pulling partway into a siding, no more need for the non-historical retriever mount on the left side of the car.

Randall Hicks said...

I'm sure that has not been seriously considered. It would be too much of an eyesore, drastically changing the appearance of the front of the car. The retriever mount on the side, by comparison, is pretty unobtrusive. I'm going to be the conductor on the 65 this Saturday, by the way, so I'll be helping with a lot of the work of changing ends. It's just the price we have to pay for not having reverse loops at each end of the line. Too bad we couldn't have trucked them from North Olmsted.