Saturday, August 1, 2015

Don't Nash Your Teeth

Chances are good you haven't seen a Nash lately.  Or a Studebaker, or Hudson, or lots of other interesting types of antique cars.  But as usual we've got the solution: the annual Transport Extravaganza, happening tomorrow.   Don't miss it!   The 1630 will be running, as shown above, and the 308 and 309, weather permitting.  (We could still use another crew member.)  The antique cars will be arriving early tomorrow, but the signs have already been put up by our B&G crew.

And our most unique antique auto is already on display.

 I had to switch the CA&E wood cars around to put the 308 and 309 at the door, and then checked the oil and so forth.

And here's a view of the new sign box on the 24, as Frank mentioned last time.  It's lit on AC, as I hope you can see.  Backlighting is always a problem.

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Anonymous said...

That's the sign box on the East end of the car - with a temporary sign. The one on the West end of 24 has the stencil type of letters which are the style Tim will be using. Bill Wulfert