Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Extravaganza, in Bullet Points

  • The 25th Annual Transport Extravaganza was a big success
  • I don't have access to the official figures, but it seemed that we probably had more vintage vehicles and more visitors than ever before
  • The weather was pretty near perfect
  • I was too busy to take pictures -- sorry!
  • I sure hope others will send in their submissions, as there were lots of interesting cars on display
  • Due to lack of trainmen willing to sign up, the CA&E cars did not run.  I spent the day on the Vera Cruz open car, mostly as conductor, with David Streeter as motorman.  It's very popular, and was packed on nearly every trip.   What a blast!   Nevertheless, don't let this happen again
  • Remember, our success in today's market depends on every employee's dedication to involvement in the needs of our stakeholders...  oops, must have copied this from somewhere else.  Anyway, if you weren't there, plan ahead for next year!

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