Friday, August 7, 2015

From the Scrapbook

I came across a pile of old photographs, mostly from before the turn of the century.  Here's a few that might be of interest: 

Frank is repainting the M-1 (TM box motor) c. 1997

Frank and I walk nonchalantly past the Dodge inspection car at North Freedom.   Also 1997.

Back in those primitive times, paved roads were few and far between. 

This is what the interior of the 308 looked like when we acquired it in 1996.

Interior of LSE 150, c. 2000.  L-R: Bruneau, Jim Blower, and (I think) Max.  This car still looks pretty much the same inside, but it's now loaded with tools and parts.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Lampson check the spelling. Is the big guy in the blue.
Later Warren Lloyd

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Warren, you may well be right. It's hard to say. He's looking at the electrical cabinet, so that made me think of Max. Of course, I couldn't recognize Bruneau either if it weren't for his trademarked hat and shirt. And I think your spelling is correct, too.