Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Noisy Monday

 Here's a brief update from yesterday.  I don't usually go out on Mondays, but there's a lot to do and this seemed to be a good opportunity to keep the 453 project going.  I happened to see a couple of friends I hadn't run into for several weeks.  Fred Zimmerman was hard at work needle-chipping the letterboard on the 306:

And then, in this view you can barely see Gerry Dettloff grinding away on the welds he was making on the window posts.  Meanwhile, Fred has made obvious progress moving down the side of the car.  When they're both working, it makes quite a racket.  Ear protection is a must.

Most of the time I object to noisy neighbors, but these guys are doing good work.  And I myself was pounding on tacks all day, so how could I complain about other people's noise?  I managed to do both sides of the 453 down to the west end, at the main bulkhead where the vestibule starts to taper:

And then started heading east a little.  The sides of the body are almost 2/3 complete.  The canvas looks nice and tight.  And I revised the rigging again at both ends, for pulling out a bit more slack lengthwise.

Tim and John were in the shop all day also, but since I was in the barn I didn't get any pictures.  

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