Friday, October 8, 2010

309 Log Book

I started keeping a log book of the restoration of the 309 in 1978, using a large ledger book. Frank suggested I post a sample page or two, so here goes. This book is still valuable; every so often I need to look up some forgotten detail. Starting in 1993 I kept the log in electronic form, and since 2008 this blog records our progress.

This page is from November 1979. Note that Andy Sunderland, John Andresen, and Carl Illwitzer were new (to me, at least) at the time. Hence "all spellings doubtful"!!


Anonymous said...

The Spellings are not the only things doubtful about that crew...

Anonymous said...

Hope that this valuable resource will be a part of Julie's website that will be a repository of CA&E documentation.