Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Better Busyness Bureau

I spent all day painting parts for the 319. I started by sanding down two more window frames on both sides, and also sanded down the window shade tracks for the next four windows as needed. I then painted four window frames on each side with white primer, the ceiling globe fixture prepared last time, and the window shade tracks, as seen here. A good day's work, I think.

Meanwhile, of course, lots of other projects were going on. PCC #4223 has gotten another coat of primer and looks great. Since it's inside a sort of tent in the barn, picture taking is nearly impossible.

And three guys were doing repairs to the Schroeder Store, since it's up in the air and easy to access. Here they are repairing the floor boards and side sills.

And the Wednesday Guys continue working on the CB&Q baggage car, #993. It's looking better and better.

And, as usual, there were several other projects I was too busy to photograph. You have to see it for yourself!

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David Wilkins said...

The work on the 993 is sure progressing. I wonder if it was one of the Havelock cars originally given "fluting" (painted lines) on its sides in order to match the lightweight cars of the Zephyr fleet?