Sunday, October 3, 2010

Committing a Faux Post

I spent most of Saturday working on the 205 window post project. A while back we had had new window post caps made by R&B Metals in Woodstock; these would be installed directly over the existing window posts, most of which are badly deteriorated (see right).

So following advice on installation from Rod Turner, I was able to install all of the window posts on the 205 this weekend. This did not include the wider posts near the ends of the car, plus one of the original posts was not deteriorated and was not capped. The rest of the posts were badly rusted near the bottom and were capped. While not structural, these new "faux post" caps dramatically improve the appearance of the car. Below left, one of the caps is clamped in place; below right, the appearance of the car following installation of the post caps.

There was also the test trip with the 319 mentioned in the next post down; the car is seen below on the tail track before heading out onto the main line. Everything seemed to work fine. I think it's a keeper!

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