Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Car 36

Here's a good picture of the 36 I just found in the archives, courtesy of our friend Phil Becker. It was taken on June 27, 1957, just a week before service ended. And it's trained with the 303. He sent it along with a contribution to the Trolleyville fund. There's always plenty that needs to be done, so you can still help!

(Copyright Phillip T. Becker. May not be reproduced without permission.)


Scott Greig said...

Wow...of all the possibilities!

Randall Hicks said...

Yes, but it's not quite as unlikely as it may seem. By the end of service, the number of wooden cars still in use was dropping, and I'd have to look it up, but something less than 40. Of those, 12 were preserved. So given that Phil picked out a picture of a car he knew we had acquired, the probability that the next car in the train was also preserved is not that small, perhaps 30%.

So remember, friends, when you need help with probability and statistics, just ask your friendly local physicist.