Sunday, July 21, 2013

Diesel Days

Chuck Amstein, our staff photographer, has come through again with a great set of pictures from Saturday's Diesel Days Parade.  To see the pictures, click here.

As always, these images are copyright by the photographer and may not be copied without written permission.

(R) Chuck says 2407 is actually a cleverly shrouded steam locomotive.

(L) Chuck says: First operation in 10 years.  Send in your barn donations NOW!


Nicholaus Gawriluk said...

Howdy all and great pics! Was curious as to the status of the CNW BiLevels and Metra 308. Didn't see them in the pics and I know I read a while back for UPRR Day that the BiLevels might run depending on if some work was done or not. 308 I thought I remember seeing out and about at some point. Thanks a bunch!

Posted by Nick

Jeron G. said...

The bilevels ran with BN3 on Sunday only. CNW has some issues with its HEP radiators. Metra 308 hasn't run in several years due to electrical issues.

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Jeron, that helps. It's great that we can always count on our readers to fill in the information that would otherwise be lacking.

I might mention that Chuck Amstein asked me on Saturday whether I wanted pictures of the parade, so overcoming my own personal prejudices I said sure, please send them in. Actually, this was originally intended to be a Diesel-free site, but I guess Frank and David never got the memo, and it's probably just as well.