Friday, July 26, 2013

In All Directions, Pt. 2

 On Thursday, the remaining trolley hook was installed, and all connections tightened.  Also, we had decided to remove the brush holders from the old compressor, for possible use in getting the new one to work.  In particular, the various insulator parts may come in handy.  The compressor without the brushes looks like this.  The old brush holders are badly corroded, and one of them has a brush jammed in it that I was unable to remove.

And I spent some time stripping old paint and rust from the truss rod.  These truss rods have had a hard life.

Meanwhile, out around the property, big changes are being made with new drainage and roadway construction underway.


Kirk Warner said...

Could the compressor not working be a function of the bad brush holders?

Randall Hicks said...

Kirk: No, the armature is shorted and badly worn down, and the fields are also bad. We have selected a replacement in much better condition.