Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today, of course, was IRM's Sixtieth Anniversary Trolley Pageant, and it was a huge success, as I would think everyone who participated would agree.  Sixty electric cars were operated, and everything went as well as anyone could ask.  I was too busy to take many pictures, but am hoping several will be arriving soon.  The pageant started off with our most recently restored car, West Towns 141, operated by Frank Sirinek, our first operating car, IT 415, with motorman Roger Smessaert, who was in the crew on that first day of operation back in 1966, and the Museum's very first car, Indiana 65, with Jon Fenlaciki.  Among other things, I met several old friends from the early days, including Pete Schmidt, Dennis Daugherty, Larry Goerges, and others.


We had four CA&E wood cars in operation, including #36 for the first time.  Here we are on the west wye, waiting our chance to move out to the west end.

The four-car train operated well.  Once the 36's electrical systems have been restored and it can motor, the train won't be so sluggish.  In any case, it looks great.  Several members came from far away to help out in the pageant.  In particular, we had six or seven members from the MATA contingent, who came all the way from Dallas.  On my train, a young man from Dallas named Tyler Adams helped out, and that was greatly appreciated.  And Al Reinschmidt was the conductor.

Many of the cars were staged at or near Schmidt siding.  The CA&E steel cars and the CA&E wood cars were near the front of the line, next to each other.

This reminded me of a picture taken by my father in 1964, 49 years ago, with the 431 and 309 in nearly the same location.  A lot has changed since then, but the cars have been preserved and are operated regularly for the public.  What more could anyone ask?

Here's the 431, one of the first cars to arrive at Union in 1964.

And trained with it is the 460, our newest CA&E car.

As for all the rest, as I say, you'll have to wait for submissions from better photographers than myself. 


Anonymous said...

congrats to all of you. running 60 cars in one day is i believe the all time record for an American traction museum.

I was talking to a member of the Oregon Electric railway Museum this afternoon at the Western railway museum; we were both wishing that you were so far away and we could have been there.

You had the four-car car train of C,A & E wood cars; did you also have any of the steel cars in the parade?

Ted Miles
IRM Membeer

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Ted, we all had a great time. I've gotten lots of great pictures I'll be posting soon. And you're probably not the only person who was wishing I was far away. :)