Monday, July 8, 2013

North Shore Day

Yesterday was the Museum's commemoration of 50 years since the end of operations on the North Shore Line.  The line was abandoned on January 21, 1963, but we've learned the hard way that operations in the middle of January don't always work out too well.  So we moved it to July.  Much more satisfactory.

I wasn't there, but staff photographer Chuck Amstein was, so enjoy the show!

The Sliverliner train parked next to the Electroliner at 50th Avenue.  Much like operations on the north side L, and you can ride the CSL from the station.

And here are the 251 and 757 at the depot.

(L) The 251's baggage compartment.

And then the three green cars: 160, 714, and 749.

And this is the only preserved North Shore streetcar, #354.

And an MD car waiting at 50th for express shipments.  We have all phases of North Shore operations covered.

Now let's visit the Electroliner.

This is the compact cab.  Have you been needing a real incentive to lose weight?  This is it!  Only thin motormen need apply.

It's much more relaxing out here in the tavern-lounge section.  (R) Bartender Ed appears to be mixing drinks, but it's probably an illusion. 


And the Zephyr was running again.


Anonymous said...

The North Shore Line's original route through the suburbs between Evanston and North Chicago, the Shore Line Route, was abandoned on July 25, 1955, so July was still appropriate for a North Shore day.

Anonymous said...

I was part of the team which worked in the 1980s to bring 354 back into service, with most of my contributions to the upholstery project. We expected the mechanical work to be done shortly so it could replace the ailing 415 in weekday service. Since then 415 continues to labor on, and perhaps a half dozen other light interurban and beefy streetcars have returned to service. I eagerly await the completion of all work on 354 to enjoy a ride in my seats!
O. Anderson