Monday, July 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

The Steam Department Benefit at Sanfilippo was another big success, and greatly enjoyed by all.  We'd posted photos of the collection in past years, but as Chuck points out, if you read the fine print they don't want pictures posted on the internet.  You have to see it in person to believe it.  I did take some candid pix of IRM members, but I think I'll hold them back for purposes of blackmail.  In other news, the 50-50 raffle drawing was won by Frank Sirinek.  Rigged!

Here is a link to a great video of the Trolley Pageant by Damin Keenan, about 30 minutes.  It's all there.

As for the "1892", I would not want to suggest that if people start offering a little money that the body might be saved.  The guys who are actually doing the work have a plan for what's going to be saved and what extra parts are needed, they make the decisions based on the available resources of time, effort, and money, and that has to be respected.  The 2153-2154 are going to represent this series of car with the actual service paint scheme.

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