Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Help Wanted

We'll need people to sign up as crewmen on the CA&E wood cars for the following days:  (click here)

Sunday, Aug. 4th is the Transport Extravaganza.  That's always a great time, with lots to see when you're not running.

And somehow, we're signed up for four consecutive days over Labor Day Weekend, Friday Aug. 30th through Monday, Sept. 2nd.  Lots of exciting things should be going on.  And ideally I'd like to have a different pair of cars in operation each day, just for variety.

For each train, we need: 1) a qualified motorman.  You know who you are.
2) A conductor.  Anyone who's rules qualified.
3) A trainman.  You do not need to be rules qualified, I believe.    Thanks!

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