Thursday, July 25, 2013

In All Directions

In order to see the progress at IRM, you need to look in all directions.

First, look down.  Here we are under the 36.  It's not very comfortable, but this is where all the mechanical and electrical systems are located.  The new grid box recently assembled by Frank is hoisted into place, using our special contactor hoist with a piece of Masonite to adapt it for use with the larger grid box.  Al helped me get it installed, and then we made the connections and tested out the motor circuit.  This revealed a couple of loose connections I hadn't noticed before.  Our buddies at Cleveland had loosened up several connections to the grids, for some infernal reason, and left them that way.  The parts then rusted, of course, and so some work was required to correct that.  But we should now be getting power to the motors on all points.

Next, look up.  Can't see his face, but whoever it is, he's tightening the bolts to hold the trolley bases and hooks to the running boards.  This is another big step towards making the car run under its own power.

Later that day, it's a beautiful evening out at the farm, so let's go for a walk and look around.  The clouds are delightful.  And I couldn't do this if I tried, but you'll notice one of our little winged friends is right in the middle of the picture.

Let's look to the south.  This will eventually be the right-of-way for a streetcar line extension.  (And while I was out there, I also checked on the 321.)

And as anybody who's been out to the Museum recently has probably noticed, the foundation has been laid for a new parts storage building at the southwest corner of the property.  This building will be expanded as money becomes available.

And meanwhile, our contractor has been hard at work on drainage and preparation for new streets in the area west of the steam shop.  This is the new retention pond.

If we look just slightly left, to the north, the Schroeder Store comes into view.

 And as I wandering about in the twilight, I noticed the Steam Shop was open.  Tom and several others were taking a break, but they were working late into the evening on the 1630.  This is a huge project, and they're doing everything they can to complete it.

Well, that was Wednesday.  Thursday will have to wait until tomorrow.

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