Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trolley Pageant Photos

All these are courtesy of Chuck Amstein and may not be reproduced without permission.

These two are from July 4th.
  Motorman Dan Buck.

 And now for the pageant itself.

In the morning, several trains had already been staged down at the west end, but some others still had to be placed, including both CA&E trains.

We loaded up the crew members for transport down to Schmidt.

Hey, what's this doing here?  Oh, of course; we had a large crowd of visitors, and the Zephyr was providing nice air-conditioned revenue service.

West Towns car 141 was running for the first time, and appropriately festooned.  Frank Sirinek put in an incredible effort over the years to restore this car from a chicken coop.

And there were several streetcars to begin the parade, including the 415, our first operating car.

Then several interurban trains....

And rapid transit cars, including a seven-car train of 6000's.  That's probably a record in itself.

And then electric locomotives.

The Charles City Western 300 was in the parade for the first time, being towed by the Cornwall.

And North Shore MD car 229 is pulling line car 604.

Followed by a five-car train of standard passenger cars.

Next we have work equipment: the TM dump motor.

And the TM line car M15.  That's Scott Greig.

 And the three-car IT train: 277, 518, and 234.

Finally, a freight train, pulled by the IT Class B, with a North Western wooden caboose on the end.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, great event, and you didn't even blow the substation once :) I wound up having to watch via webcam but thanks for a great spectacle and HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRM!

The CERA site also has a beautiful series of photos at:

C Kronenwetter