Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Clock Is Ticking

 The seconds are ticking away as the 60th Anniversary Trolley Extravaganza gets closer.  Today was rather dreary, with light rain changing to drizzle or just a fine mist, and back again.  At least it's a good thing we weren't trying to restage the CA&E abandonment again this year.  I checked the lubrication on all four cars, did some more cleaning, and so on.  Nothing very photogenic.  I was glad to see that Joel had found another control jumper for me, and that will be installed and tested on Friday.  And the Zephyr sign donated by Fred Lonnes was dropped off at Dave Diamond's office.

The main goal for today was to switch the cars around, because the 308 and 319 will be running in revenue service tomorrow for the Fourth.  But with the constant precipitation, it was starting to look grim.  Finally at the end of the day it cleared up, and Joe Stupar helped me switch the cars.  His help was essential because I had to push the 36 back into the barn with the 309, and needed a ground man.

Meanwhile, lots of other people were hard at work.  Our friend Rich proudly shows off one of the first aid boxes he's making.  Once the hinges I've ordered arrive, the boxes can be assembled and painted.  He also accused me of being a scab for doing Museum-related woodwork at home instead of having the woodshop guys do it.  This could get ugly.

And I was glad to see that some more signs advertising IRMA have been put up, such as this one at the entrance to Barn 8.  Thanks, Dave!

In other exciting news, the Electroliner will be open for visitors at 50th Avenue tomorrow, and again on Sunday.  Two of the four cars have restored interiors, and for your comfort, an external air conditioner has been attached to blow cool air through the train.

 The Museum will be mounting a campaign to raise the funds needed to restore the Liner to operation.  This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a worthy goal. 

 I'll be helping, how about you?


Anonymous said...

will you be serving electroburgers?
c Kronenwetter

Joel Ahrendt said...

Only if we can find an ElectroGriddle

Anonymous said...

We did that twenty years ago when the Liner ran for several special event weekends. I cooked, my wife served tables. We cheated a bit since the original flat top grill was long gone. We had an inverter to produce 120 v AC from the trolley power, and an electric skillet. Reprints of original menus were featured, along with the vintage pricing.

Bob Kutella